5 year strategy for CRC built on 4 pillars


CRC are very proud to present our Strategic Plan

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Working together to make a positive difference to the lives of people with disabilities, their families, and carers.


That people with disabilities achieve their potential and live full lives as equal and valued citizens.


People are at the heart of what we do: our clients, their families and carers, our staff and volunteers. We value the trust placed in us and we carry at our core the principles of openness, respect, empowerment and excellence.


To work in an honest, transparent and open way. To have accountability in all we do.


For the dignity of our clients and their families, for each other as staff and volunteers and in all our relationships.


To work collaboratively with and support our clients to lead fulfilled lives – to advocate and to encourage. To focus on ability and integration for all in our communities.


Commitment to the highest standards of service provision. Engage in research and education to ensure a highly dedicated, respected and valued workforce.

Our Journey

Since our inception in 1951, we have reached key milestones in our delivery of disability services to children and adults in Ireland. 

graphic showing line between CRC opening in 1951 and up to 2022

Progress to Date

“… next five years will differ considerably from that in which it (CRC) has historically operated …”

Our previous Strategy, Towards 2021, challenged us to adapt and develop a culture of best practice both onsite and remotely, to ensure future prosperity in the dynamic and fast paced world in which we live. Our new Strategy – Strategic Plan 26 (SP26) propels the CRC to our next stage of development in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing external environment.


Desk-based Review

Over 220 documents, policies or additional inputs reviewed

Mazars Insights

The Mazars team takes a holistic view of all the information gathered and the context of the next five years to make recommendations

Stategic Objectives


Over 25 semi-structured 1:1’s and workshops with
- the CRC Board,
- staff
- clients
- School Principals
- Parent’s Forum
- Adult Services Council
- External stakeholders


Over 50 responses from the SMT and Managers from two distinct surveys

Pillar 1



We strive for excellence in everything that we do, ranging from our Client Services to our facilities to developing our people to the manner in which we work with our stakeholders.


Our services, as perceived by clients and all other stakeholders, are excellent and CRC staff, in their education, research and innovation, are regarded as experts in disability services.



To provide a range of the highest quality services to our clients


To recruit excellent staff and support our current staff to be the best in delivering quality services


To further develop the CRC as a centre of excellence for its research, education and innovation


To optimise data usage to improve services, research, client support and encourage staff to innovate


To adhere to the highest quality and safety standards to protect our clients and reduce risks


To pursue best practice in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

* Underlying Actions, Indicators, Timelines and Owners are detailed in the Strategic Plan Implementation Tracker.

Pillar 2



We will grow and respond, as an agile organisation using our resources to meet the changing and complex needs of our clients and stakeholders.


The staff, facilities, infrastructure and overall management of the CRC enables the growth of services to meet the evolving needs of our clients.



To grow the service provision provided by the CRC


To revise and reconfigure the senior leadership and management structure to enable growth


To enhance and further develop the CRC’s fundraising function


To enhance and update facilities to improve service provision


To ensure growth is enabled by reliable, resilient, secure systems

* Underlying Actions, Indicators, Timelines and Owners are detailed in the Strategic Plan Implementation Tracker.

Pillar 3



We will continue to evolve, foster and nurture a culture where our staff feel valued and our clients and families feel fully supported within the ever changing nature of disability services.


The CRC has a positive and distinctive culture within the disability sector, one that refl ects our values and supports the delivery of our mission.



To ensure our culture enables staff to provide the highest quality of service to clients


To promote a positive organisational culture and provide our staff with the skills, support and capabilities required to adapt to the changing environment


To advocate for diversity, inclusivity and equality in disability service provision and share client's stories


To promote a research and education culture in the CRC with staff and clients

* Underlying Actions, Indicators, Timelines and Owners are detailed in the Strategic Plan Implementation Tracker.

Pillar 4



We will continue to work strategically with a range of partners to deliver our mission, as we acknowledge that no single organisation has all the capabilities to address the increasing complexities of disability services.


We operate a sophisticated suite of partnerships with other service providers, funders, universities and schools in order to meet the requirements of our clients, staff and other stakeholders.



To develop our internal and external communications capability to enable positive, clear, communication that reflects our culture, values and brand.


To foster partnerships with other individuals, donors, organisations and corporates that support disability services


To establish and develop research and education partnerships and collaborations both internally and externally

* Underlying Actions, Indicators, Timelines and Owners are detailed in the Strategic Plan Implementation Tracker.

Implementing the Strategic Plan

People want to know where they are going and how they will get there.

Creating a clear, easily understood implementation framework that visualises the goals, activities, accountability and timelines makes everyone part of the journey. An implementation framework includes KPIs that will be tracked and monitored over the life of the plan to ensure they remain on track and deliver results. The commitment of all management and staff will be necessary and significant collaboration and engagement will be required across the CRC.

We will adopt a flexible, dynamic and responsive approach to delivering this plan, where initiatives are defined and redefined where necessary to ensure we stay ahead.


Board Oversight Tracking

Assessing strategic outcomes at two standalone review points

Strategic Plan 2026

SMT Implementation Tracking

Assessing objectives, actions and KPIs via quarterly reporting

This page will have given you a brief overview of our 5 year.

If you would like to read it in more detail, you can view or download the file at the link below.

Download Our Strategy
CRC 5 Year Strategic plan cover